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May 12, 2012

The Genuine Harley-Davidson® Leather Jacket VS. The “I can get a leather jacket for $150″


This is a guest post written by Tina Mason, MotorClothes™ manager at Gateway Harley-Davisdon. You can contact her directly at Her specialties include helmet fitting, product ordering, and bandana tying. You can see her pig tails bobbing around the showroom floor most days from open to close.

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this. And yes. You can go and purchase a leather jacket for $150 at a local swap meet or off-brand retailer. But there are plenty of questions that arise from this $150 jacket:

  1. Is it real leather?
  2. How thick is it?
  3. Is it made for riding?
  4. Does it have a warranty to back it up?
  5. How long will it last?

These are just a couple of questions I would ask.

Harley-Davidson® has a large variety of choices as far as leather is concerned. There are some leather jackets that are better for riding and others that are more of a fashion statement. When it comes to Harley-Davidson® Leather Riding Jackets, here are some things you need to know

  1. Is it real leather? Depending on the jacket it is made of pigskin or cowhide leather.
  2. How thick is it? Harley Davidson offers lightweight and midweight leather jackets.
  3. Is it made for riding? The leather riding jackets are made for riding with options that vary from jacket to jacket. These options include venting, precurved sleeves for stretch, body armor, reflective materials, removable liners, windproof and water resistant liners, interior pockets, and removable kidney belts.
  4. Does it have a warranty to back it up? Warranty on these Harley-Davidson® Leather Jackets is 5 years and if you decide to get the “Mac Daddy” “FXRG leather riding jacket, my personal favorite, you will get a limited lifetime warranty. Yes, I said it. Limited. Lifetime.
  5. How long will it last? You will get a long use out of these jackets.

Prices on these jackets range from $300-$650 so look at what you get for the money. Many people think that they are just paying for the brand name of Harley-Davidson®, but what you have to understand is that Harley-Davidson® jackets are made by Harley riders, sold by Harley riders, and worn by Harley riders. The make your ride more comfortable and protect you from the elements. I hope I gave you enough information to really compare and see that you can purchase that $150 jacket and have to replace it over and over or you can spend a little bit more and get great features and benefits from Harley-Davidson® leather jackets. Feel free to contact me with any questions. My e-mail is

Check out these videos that talk about the detail that goes into creating the Harley-Davidson® MotorClothes™ Apparel.

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